When attending an event at Unit Nine you will of course be expected to follow the government's guidelines for Covid-19.
We know that these times are tough and we are advocates for people having fun, it's great for the body & soul, but, in these times we must adhere to the rules put in place by the government, for the longevity of live music.
- You MUST wear a mask at all times when moving about the venue. This includes arriving, visiting the toilet or smoking area, or exiting the venue.
- You may remove your mask when seated at your table
- Track & Trace MUST be completed when arriving to the event. It is compulsory
- You must NOT stand up or dance at your table (you risk our licence in doing so, you will be ejected and possibly the rest of your table too)
- We encourage you to wash your hands as frequently as possible and we also invite you to use the hand sanitiser station provided
- You must NOT go to the bar or to any other area. Table service only
- When moving around the venue either to use the toilet or exit the building, you must follow social distancing guidelines (2 meters)
- You must NOT leave your table and join another table. You must stay in your bubble only
- We have the right to refuse service of alcohol 
- Security & staff are there to make sure that we are ALL safe. Please listen to & respect them
- No, you cannot go to speak to the act on the stage and no, we cannot pass a song request / message on
We want you all to have the best time possible. We must follow guidance in order to keep everybody safe. We will be operating a two warning system. If you have to be told by staff / security to stop behaving in a certain way, you will be given a warning. If you again need to be spoken too, then your whole bubble will be ejected from the event
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing
We look forward to welcoming you to a socially distanced event soon!